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For her PhD Thesis on Counterculture in America (1960s-1970s) and professionally as a technologist and data scientist in the early years of digitalisation (2000s), Inma Martinez, the author of this blog, has been researching the effect in society of Positive Deviants, humans deploying technological prowess in favour of better societal development. Against Darwinian tendencies, anthropologists have been mesmerised and recorded the profiles and case studies of tribe members that, when their communities were under threat, chose not to survive by saving themselves first, thus confirming Darwin’s explanation for evolutionary survival of the fittest genes in every species, but to apply themselves to create tools, draw up plans and create unprecedented forms of solving the menacing catastrophes. In the digital society, the Positive Deviants have turned the Internet and digital technologies into the salvation tools. Where many saw adversity, they saw solutions. Where some doubted, they had trust to guide their visions. Thanks to all of them, the lives of thousands have been improved, transformed, bettered. The rules of the world changed in 2008 and these unrelentless optimists, the Brave New Positive Deviants, are emerging everywhere. This is a repository of some of them and their amazing legacy.

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