#10 Brand-Diner

Delivering in all fronts is what consumers today demand of brands. Mixing and matching aspirational and functional values is paramount.  One approach does not negate the other. Brands must launch themselves onto the battleground to attract consumers’ attention and reactions with all systems going and all fires burning:  offline, offline and in any other dimension that people live.

Many brands miss the opportunity of delivering on both consumer demands simply because they think that opposite executions will confuse consumers. What they miss to appreciate is that each medium, specially within the digital one, is meant to deliver different content. ‘Florette’, a French salad brand embraced this opportunity in their 2012 UK campaign. The TV ads  were memorable and stroke high ratings among consumers’ recall. The humouristic approach to a couple preparing a salad together whilst joggling and throwing kitchen utensils and sauces at each other with circus precision, steered away from competitors who were still banging on the traditional approach of exemplifying the freshness of the ingredients, or the organic provenance of the lettuce. Rightly so, as the lettuce-leaf sector is hardly bursting with ‘innovation’ beyond growing prowess or fresh packaging methods. What Florette has appreciated is that, whilst TV is an entertainment medium, the web is a place of information that consumers turn to when they want to get to the bottom of things. Luckily, Florette’s website is a carousel in full bloom with information about product origins, recipes, leaf varieties, expert advice and their commitment to good growing agricultural practices.

If your brand can afford above the line TV campaigns, the web has to become the “extended edition” of the “film”: provide as much product information as you can on your website, put your ads on Facebook and let consumers tell you if they liked them or not. Most creative is either a hit or a miss, but if the former, you want consumers to share with you their excitement, and if the latter, you must let them rant and react constructively to their criticisms. When consumers address a brand on the social media platforms they are after two things: self-expression and a reaction from the brand.

Product websites today need to be extensions of TV campaigns because consumers are attracted by entertainment and quickly move towards wanting to know more about products (‘infotainment’).

Give them all that they want, at all hours, everyday. In as large quantities that you can. They will still be hungry for more if they are fans and loyal. Your brand is open all hours, like an American diner. Pancakes at 3.00 am? No problem.


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