#13 Biblical Maths


Any sacred book of worship will also do. A Torah, a Quran, any Kangyur scripture. Life these days, as it is being witnessed and recorded by international media, shows itself measured by unquantifiable figures that surpass human numerical comprehension.

Floods that wipe out entire villages and its valleys in Central Europe bring back the sheer power of Nature, of Godly tests that humans must bear in order to reboot their lives back to a consciousness exempt from “human superiority” and more entwined to “human empathy, kindness, selflessness”.

Tornadoes that rip anything constructed by man, devastating lives in just seconds combine a powerful combination of Biblical algorithms: the stronger the wind power, the faster the destruction.


Mathematical multipliers are also turning protests in Brazil and Turkey into “life force” events that are changing the course of society with very lyrical and Biblical undertones. In a recent New York Times video of the Brazil protests, a bystander explains the strength of the public outcry in “evangelical terms”: “In Democracy, if 1,000 go out to protest and they are repressed, 5,000 will come out. And if these 5,000 are repressed, 50,000 will come out”. This is the same composition style of Luther King, Kennedy and others that spoke with religious or quasi religious zeal. Our collective minds have grown up to hear religious accounts that include mathematical additions, substrations, multiplications and divisions of algebraic formulas, specially in the Torah, where Kabbalah records the intrinsic relationship of numerical values of letters and mathematical equations revealed in the sacred texts.

What does this mean? It means that the present common psyche is beginning to function with both a spiritual and a scientific mode, seamlessly in synch:

Multiplier Paraboles:

1 cannot defeat the power of n (the “System”) but many 1s, that is, Binary Code or People on the Streets can. Expect an even bigger rise in hacks to governments, compared to people on the streets.

Singularity Paraboles or the Power of 1

1 can defeat the power of n (the “System”) if 1 is part of n and sustracts itself from it (Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, Wiki-Leaks). David vs Goliath, Moses vs the Pharaoh, etc.

What to expect/ initial anomalies seen emerging from the above:

(a) Media Campaigns “with social message”, “1960’s Kerouak-style copy”, “empathetic symbology”, “Marxist fight of social classes”;

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 12.31.24

Old-School Rocker Goes ViralOn June 16, a song appeared on YouTube called “As coisas não caem do céu” (“Things Don’t Fall From The Sky”) by an artist named Leoni. Over a gentle guitar strum, a voice sings wistfully, “Why does everybody complain about what they read in the morning newspaper?… /Forget about wishing, and enter the dance/ Things don’t fall from the sky.” The song came alongside a video made up of clips from the early days of the protest – young Brazilians with signs moving through the nighttime streets.

(b) In Fashion: t-shirts with a social message, punk-protest mottoes;

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 12.37.26

REUTERS – T-Short store starts new fashion trend in Lybia’s Benghazi BENGHAZI, Libya, June 30 | Sun Jun 30, 2013 4:59am EDT

(c) In politics:


Wendy Davis: From Texas Stategouse to You Tube


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