Stay hip, stay hunting

10514600_771760406209254_264695462748229376_n is a business born in the Valley by way of Stanford class of 2009, a bee in the bonnet while at Boston Consulting, and finally, a project worthy of quitting one’s job, a venture to live and die for. What makes HipHunters an anomaly is the fact that its founder, an oil & gas engineer, a Silicon Valley girl turned Big Four consultant is one of the new tech amazons, a woman, a digital sorcerer that is bravely mixing Spanish world-class heritage and know-how in fashion retail with the digital prowess demanded by the new power fashion audiences.

HipHunters has a demanding, divaesque public to serve: those in the fashion know, the stylists, the mighty Asian dollar, the people who have everything and yet want more. More exclusive, more unattainable, more status building poppers. What you buy in HipHunters is labels that only the insiders know about, the collections that only a clever maverick shopper would know how to dig out of Farfetch or Net A Porter, who are partners by the way. You want some of this, right?

If you are into labels that are trending in the cathedrals of fashion, namely Paris and Milan, this is the fashion site for you. Let them eat cake, mainstream brands, or the same-olds that people stumble over in the Asos of this world. This is not for the label chavs, but for those who continue to seek differentiation, individuality, discovery.


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